Portrait - Graphic Novel Series - Lilith

Model In Hallowed

This world. 

This story. 

These characters.

 You can be a part of it all.

Registration to model in Hallowed is here!



Registration Details:

  • We are looking for models (no experience necessary) between the ages of 15-28 years old. 
  • You must be available all day and evening on 5/2/2020 and 5/9/2020 and reasonably flexible if rescheduling is needed due to weather or illness.
  • Shoot location is (tentatively) Warwick, RI - specific locations and times TBA. Locations WILL be deeper into forests, beaches, and rocky areas.
  • You will be asked to sign a contract, liability form, and NDA
  • You will need to join our facebook group for communications on production - link provided in booking confirmation
  • Please have a picture of yourself (model) ready to upload at registration
  • It is a $99 registration fee to book your spot
  • Registration is for Book 1 of the series - Hallowed Mark

What the Registration Fee Pays For:

  • The Dual Edge, movie-set style experience, camaraderie with friends (new and old), and a couple of kick-ass days that you’ll remember for a lifetime
  • Exclusive content that you will be able to use and share that feature you as a highlight
  • Being a part of a real-live, tangible, and original book that people will enjoy and cherish
  • Your costume and props (you will be asked to provide shoes and smaller pieces)

Other things to make note of:

  • Dual Edge Photography hopes to create a YouTube series called "Making Hallowed" that will feature a behind the scenes look at creating the series. We will be using photo and video footage from shoot days for the series. 
  • Photos that Dual Edge chooses to release to models will be given only as content is ready to be made public. This means that you may not receive any digital images for a few months or even until the book is published. Not all photos will be released to models. Most content will be reserved as images for the books. However, each model WILL receive a selected small handful of incredible digital images that they are able to share, use, and promote that feature themselves.

Book Your Spot Here: