Portrait - Graphic Novel Series - Lilith


The kind-hearted protagonist with a beautifully warm and welcoming personality. Her innocent, yet positive demeanor acts as a light through darker times for her companions.

Portrait - Graphic Novel Series - Reign


The bold, fearless leader. With her strong personality and smart wit, she is a born warrior who is both respected and admired. She is the source of sanity and level-headedness in an otherwise confusing and frightening world. 

Portrait - Graphic Novel Series - Maddox


The playful, protective, and kind one that all his friends can count on. Assigned female at birth, he’s lived most of his life as a male and goes by he/him. His skills with a sword are hard to match, which gains him respect as an unofficial 


Portrait - Graphic Novel Series - Ashton


The genius of a boy who spends most of his time reading, rather than fighting. His intelligence proves to be a key factor in the group's ability to survive life in this new world. Husband to Astrid.

Portrait - Graphic Novel Series - Harley


The sweet and sensitive one that is a force to be reckoned with. In battle, she is often a secret weapon - extremely bold and unafraid. She is loyal and dedicated to those who are important to her.

Faithful partner to Ryder.

Portrait - Graphic Novel Series - Ryder


The outspoken, bossy one who enjoys rustling a few feathers now and then. She packs a vicious fight and holds a remarkable intelligence. 

Faithful partner to Harley.

Portrait - Graphic Novel Series - Solara


Best friend to Astrid, she is a warrior both in mind and in fight. Wise beyond her years, she often proves as a guide that brings strength and stability to those around her.  A soldier and a leader with a very  militant outlook on life.

Portrait - Graphic Novel Series - Astrid


A rather calm and elegant girl who is unafraid to get her hands dirty. She is as graceful in battle as she is deadly. Her charming demeanor is loved by many, and often proves to be a wonderful friend.

Loving wife to Ashton.